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American Friends Programs and Events

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American Friends Programs and Events are designed to:

  • Develop the scholarly and professional utility of the US Humboldt network;
  • Communicate the professional value of Humboldtians’ international research experience to outstanding early career researchers and other participants in the US and global research enterprise;
  • Establish US Humboldtians and American Friends as leading voices in the internationalization of the research and scholarly enterprise.

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American Friends Programs

Site under construction. We look forward to introducing new programs soon.

American Friends conducts a variety of activities designed to support international collaboration in research, to expand the circle of scholars familiar with the research programs of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and to facilitate exchanges and social interaction among alumni of Foundation programs with the broader science and policy community. If you are an institution or individual interested  in collaborating on a future event with American Friends, please contact us at

Other activities
Throughout the year, there are opportunities for Humboldtians to volunteer at, organize and participate in American Friends and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation programing, including by:

Hosting a small alumni/promotional event on your campus or at your organization. The Alumni Council offers small flexible grants to support alumni activities in the US. For more information about Alumni Grants, please visit the Alumni Council page of our website.

Organizing a Kolleg. Humboldt Kollegs are regional and interdisciplinary conferences aimed at strengthening the network of Humboldtians. US alumni may apply to the AvH for financial support of a Humboldt Kolleg.

View American Friends Calendar of Events

For information about American Friends programs please contact Alexandra Hoenscheid or Danielle Muñoz.

For information about American Friends promotional activities please contact us at