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Get Involved

Are you a Humboldtian who wants to stay involved? There are various ways for you to remain connected and support American Friends and the Humboldt Foundation:

Find a Humboldtian

Organize or attend an alumni eventAlexander von Humboldt Stiftung NEW FRONTIERS conference in New York. 10/2011

  • Plan an alumni event with support for from the Alumni Council. The AC offers small flexible grants to support alumni activities in the US
  • Organize a Kolleg in the US. A Humboldt Kolleg is a regional and interdisciplinary conference aimed at strengthening the network of Humboldtians. US alumni may apply to the AvH for financial support of a Humboldt Kolleg
  • Join us at local events. Meet our promotional representative at fairs and exhibits in your local area and support our efforts to recruit the next generation of Humboldtians. View our calendar for upcoming events and then contact to volunteer

Stay involved as a Humboldtian

  • Recruit future Humboldtians. Learn how you can encourage researchers and scholars to apply to AvH funding programs through our recruiting tips and resources
  • Become a “Humboldtian on Campus” – this programs gives Humboldtians in the US a way to connect with prospective applicants and promote the AvH. Learn more about this program!
  • Update your contact information. Log into the AvH database to check your information and make updates and send an e-mail to American Friends –

Contribute to our publications

  • Write for our blog! Reflect on your experience as a Humboldtian or comment on news/events related to the internationalization of research and professional training, or science and technology in transatlantic relations. Contact to discuss potential blog pieces
  • Submit alumni news for our Strata newsletter. Help us share your news! We are always collecting content for our newsletter Strata or for our website. E-mail with your news


  • Donate – Alumni donations help sustain American Friends operations in support of international research and professional exchange and the goals of the AvH.  Explore the various ways to make a donation to AFAvH