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Under the guidance of the Alumni Council, American Friends seeks to strengthen the ties among US Humboldtians by providing opportunities for meaningful engagement, and support for alumni activities. Browse the following links to find resources and information for US Humboldtians including ongoing funding, statistics, ways to connect, and information about our newsletter.

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Build on existing connections with American Friends

  • Alumni Council – The American Friends Alumni Council (AC) is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. It supports US alumni through small flexible grants for events and activities. Click here to learn more about current AC members and grant guidelines
  • Humboldtians on Campus
  • Events – Find out about American Friends programs and promotional events

Learn more and stay engaged with US Humboldtians

  • Alumni Statistics – How many Humboldtians are in the US as compared with other countries? What are the top fields of research?
  • Alumni Survey Results – View the results of a comprehensive survey of US alumni conducted by American Friends in Spring 2012.
  • American Friends Blog – Our blog provides a platform to interact with the American Friends network of alumni and other friends on topics such as the globalization of research, and science and technology in the transatlantic relationship
  • American Friends Strata newsletter – Our newsletter helps keep our community informed about US alumni news, American Friends programs, and relevant information for the Humboldt network in the United States

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