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Statistics on Humboldtians in the United States

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has over 28,000 alumni worldwide from over 130 countries, including 49 Nobel prize winners. Between 1953 and 2017, nearly 5,700 researchers from the US received fellowships or awards from the Humboldt Foundation. In 2012 when our Alumni Survey was conducted, 16.8% percent of Humboldt Fellows and Awardees were from the United States.

2012 Humboldtians by Region Chart

The AvH continues to fund scholars and scientists in all disciplines. Top fields ranked for Humboldt Research Fellows, Humboldt Research Awardees, Bessel Awardees, and Alexander von Humboldt Professors from the US (2012)

1. Physics
2. Biosciences
3. Chemistry, Pharmacy
4. Mathematics
5. Geosciences
6. Psychology

View full statistical trends about fellows according to countries and disciplines and more on the Foundation’s website

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