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APS Meeting in Denver March 3 – 5, 2014

The annual American Physical Society (APS) meeting is the largest physics conference in the world, drawing US and international participants from universities, major laboratories, and industry. In 2014, American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation again sponsored a booth at the APS meeting in Denver and also hosted an alumni reception, coordinating closely with Professor Royce Zia, recipient of a Humboldt Research Award, and his German colleagues.

The alumni reception was well attended, drawing some 85 attendees, including US and international Humboldtians, German hosts of Humboldtians, and many prospective applicants and others interested in the Foundation and its sponsorship opportunities. With the active support of Professor Zia, American Friends encouraged Humboldtians to invite or bring along mentees, grad students, and colleagues who might be interested in learning about the Foundation’s sponsorship opportunities. In addition, American Friends staff also invited visitors at the informational booth who expressed a strong interest in the Foundation’s opportunities to attend the reception and meet Humboldtians in their discipline.

APS 2014

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