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Humboldtians on Campus

The Humboldtians on Campus Program was established in 2007 as a collaborative partnership between American Friends and US Humboldtians around the country to facilitate Humboldt alumni communications and activities, as well as to advocate and recruit for the programs of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

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Humboldtians on Campus (or “HoC”s) are volunteer alumni from all Humboldt fellowship and award programs who are based at public and private research universities, small liberal arts colleges, as well as in governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Currently, the HoC program has about 50 participants. These HoCs serve an extremely important function in keeping active the network of over 5,300 Humboldtians in the United States, ensuring the visibility of the Humboldt Foundation and the strength of the applicant pool of future Humboldtians.

Despite the name, Humboldtians on Campus, the program seeks to engage not only with Humboldtians based in university settings, but also those working outside the academy. The point is to mobilize those Humboldtians with the capacity and willingness to tap their professional networks, wherever they may be. This program builds on the belief that Humboldtians, who have first-hand experience in the German research and professionally landscape, can be especially effective in promoting the Foundation programs. For a list of current HoCs, click here.

Humboldtians on Campus Resource Guide

The Humboldtians on Campus Resource Guide outlines the goals of the HoC program, the role of volunteer HoCs in networking, organizing, and recruiting. It also consolidates the information needed to support HoC engagement and provides direct links to further resources located on the websites of the AvH, American Friends, and other organizations supporting research in Germany.

Become an HoC!

Alumni of all Humboldt fellowship and award programs are encouraged to become HOCs. If you would like to volunteer, please email