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Recruit the Next Generation of Humboldtians

Help us recruit the next generation of outstanding Humboldtians!

American Friends encourages Humboldtians to actively interact with prospective applicants to promote the sponsorship opportunities of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. As alumni, you are in a unique position to advise prospective applicants about the professional and personal benefits of international research and collaboration. Involvement in recruitment activities also helps keep you connected to Germany and to the Foundation.

Humboldtians can encourage researchers and scholars to apply to AvH funding programs in many ways:

  • Become an “HOC” – The Humboldtians on Campus (HOC) Program is a collaborative partnership between American Friends and Humboldtians around the country designed to promote the programs of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in the universities, organizations, and professional societies to which these alumni belong.
  • Host a small alumni/promotional event – Organize an event on your campus or at your organization or apply for financial support from American Friends Alumni Council
  • Request promotional materials – American Friends can provide alumni with small batches of promotional materials for events. Send your request for materials to
  • Refer prospective applicants – Alumni can be excellent resources for prospective applicants. Share program information from the AvH website and put them in touch with AFAvH at or AvH at directly.
  • Join us at local events – American Friends participates in various professional meetings and conferences throughout the year. Join our promotional representative in your local area and share your unique perspective on the value of receiving an AvH fellowship or grant. View our calendar for upcoming events and contact to volunteer.
  • Suggest professional meetings, fairs and events – American Friends is interested in reaching out to appropriate scholarly and professional communities to promote AvH opportunities. View our calendar for details and send event recommendations to (Please understand that we are a small staff and are limited in capacity.)
  • Informally promote the AvH at events you attend – Help represent the programs at professional events you attend. If you are giving a presentation, include an informational slide about your AvH program. In conversations, share AvH program information. Talk about your experiences as a fellow or awardee.

Other AvH and Research in Germany Recruiting Resources:

Feb 2012 kolleg

  • Tips for Humboldtians on sharing program information and promoting the Foundation
  • Help spread the word on Germany as a leading research destination

Publication: Stay in Touch: A three-step guide to revitalizing your connections with Germany and more information about this resource at Research in Germany online

Information about the AvH’s international research marketing activities

For more information, contact: or 202-783-1907

Not a Humboldtian? There are also various ways to be a partner and help promote the AvH funding programs. Contact to discuss ways for you to get involved.