American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

A Professional Partner of The

Alexander von Humboldt - Foundation

Message from the President

Cathleen S. Fisher, Ph.D.Welcome to the website of the American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

As the professional partner of the Humboldt Foundation in the United States, American Friends aspires to become a valued resource and partner for all those interested in advancing international networking, exchange, and creative collaboration among scientists, scholars, artists, and other professionals in the United States and Germany.

Located in Washington, DC, we are a young but growing organization with ties to 5,000+ Humboldtians in the United States. Our Alumni Council, Board of Directors, and a nationwide network of alumni volunteers help to promote the Foundation’s programs, sustain personal and professional ties to other alumni and to Germany, and contribute to our programs on the globalization of research and higher education, as well as transatlantic policy issues with significant science and technology content.

In the spirit of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, we believe in investment in individuals of singular talent, and in an international community of intellectual inquiry. Humboldtians are at the center of our vision and are vital partners in our mission. As acknowledged leaders in their fields, Humboldtians are uniquely qualified to serve as special ambassadors of German intellectual life in the United States and to shape internationalization strategies in the US research enterprise.

If you are a member of the worldwide network of “Humboldtians,” we hope that you will find here useful information on US alumni activities and opportunities. For scientists, scholars and professionals interested in Germany, the website provides an overview of sponsorship opportunities of the Humboldt Foundation—as well as compelling testimonials from the Foundation’s alumni on the value of research or professional experience in Germany for careers, scholarship—and lives.

I invite you to make use of the information and resources on our website, and to contribute to our dialogue on global science, scholarship, and professional development.

Cathleen Fisher, Ph.D.