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The Power of Giving

Since 1953, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has supported the independent research of over 26,000 foreign scientists, scholars, and young professionals in Germany—including over 5,300 US “Humboldtians”. The alumni of the Humboldt Foundation are a living testimony to the transformative power of international experience and networks. In addition to being acknowledged leaders in their fields, Humboldtians are special ambassadors of German intellectual life to the United States. Through their creative and intellectual collaborations, US Humboldtians have helped to sustain German-American research and professional exchange for over 60 years.

At American Friends, we share the belief of the Humboldt Foundation in the importance of investing in talented individuals and an international community of scientists and scholars. Indeed, with the expansion of research, intellectual inquiry, and professional development into global enterprises, Humboldtians are now more relevant than ever. Collaboration across national and disciplinary boundaries has become increasingly important in knowledge production and professional advancement, in competitiveness and innovation, and in meeting today’s unprecedented global challenges.

Universities and other political, cultural, and societal institutions are engaged in stirring debates about an appropriate response. US Humboldtians know the challenges and rewards of international collaboration. As leaders in their respective institutions and professions, they are well-positioned to weigh in credibly and authoritatively on the future of US and transatlantic science, research, and professional development. American Friends is privileged to stand alongside the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and US Humboldtians at this critical juncture.

American Friends aspires to become a leading source for the promotion of national and international networking, exchange, and creative collaboration among scientists, scholars, artists, and other professionals.Thus, we seek to mobilize the intellectual curiosity, creativity, experience, and passion of Humboldtians to shape the changing landscape of research, higher education, and professional development in the United States.

In the advancement of this mission, we pursue the following activities:

  • Through promotional activities, American Friends ensures that talented individual scholars, scientists, and young professionals gain the skills and international networks to excel in the global enterprise.
  • Through alumni support and outreach, American Friends helps US Humboldtians stay connected to the Humboldt Foundation, to Germany, and to other Humboldtians in their fields, regions, or at their institutions.
  • Through our website, blog, and programs, American Friends engages Humboldtians and others in thoughtful dialogues on the globalization of science and professional development, and on the role of science in transatlantic dialogue, society, and politics.

American Friends receives limited contributions from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn for its core operations in support of the Foundation’s research and educational goals.  We rely on support and donations from alumni and other friends in the United States who value our work to build the programs that strengthen the network of US Humboldtians to shape the future of US science and professional development.

Your donations are critical to the future of our efforts, and will help us, together with the Humboldt Foundation, to realize the full potential of the Humboldt network in the United States. To learn more about how your gift will be used, click here.

We recognize that philanthropy, no matter the dollar amount, is a highly personal matter. It is also an extraordinarily meaningful way to become involved in the life and growth of an organization. American Friends has developed a variety of ways to give, ensuring that every donation makes an impact.

If you have questions, please contact us at or (202) 783-1907. Thank you.