American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

A Professional Partner of The

Alexander von Humboldt - Foundation

How Your Gift Will be Used

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation encourages US alumni to donate to American Friends, so that their tax-deductable donation can be used locally to support the US Humboldt Network and alumni activities. Your contributions to the American Friends support American Friends programs in service of Humboldtians and the Humboldt Foundation’s goals, including:

Whether at professional conferences, through support for alumni activities, or in assisting the AvH in promoting the Foundation’s programs on local campuses around the country, promoting German and American exchange is a high priority for the American Friends. Your donation is key to sustaining these efforts, as well as to expanding our resources to include an American Friends Program series and topical blog focused on the challenges of global science and transatlantic dialogues on science, society, and policy.

These strategic initiatives have been summarized in the following goals set by the American Friends President and Board of Directors:

    • To expand the pool of future Humboldtians from the United States as part of a worldwide network of excellence, and encourage and support continued collaboration and exchange among Humboldtians
    • To provide, develop, and steward resources for the intellectual and cultural support of past, present, and future US Humboldtians, as well as for the programs of American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    • To encourage high-level exchange on intellectual subjects of mutual interest and promote intercultural understanding and communication between the United States and Germany
    • To counsel the Foundation on future opportunities and directions, programmatically, structurally, and strategically
    • To raise Germany’s visibility as a center for research and a site for professional growth and development