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“Trajectories and Positioning in Academia: A Dialogue between European and American Perspectives”
Northeastern University, March 5-6, 2015

On March 5 and 6, Dr. Kathrin Zippel, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Northeastern University and former Humboldt Research Fellow, and Dr. Julian Hamann, a current Feodor Lynen Fellow at Northeastern University and the University of Warwick, co-organized an event at Northeastern University called “Trajectories and Positioning in Academia: A Dialogue between European and American Perspectives,” with the support of an Alumni Council grant. The workshop sought to promote academic exchange of cutting edge research on academic careers, trajectories and positioning – topics that reflect the agenda of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation – and was the first of its kind in the Boston area. Fellow Humboldtians and other researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities in the Boston area were included in the guest list for this two-day event.

On the eve of the conference on March 5, Humboldtians and other academics gathered together for an intimate dinner to share their thoughts and experiences in academia here and abroad. The workshop the following day started with welcoming addresses by Dr. Uta Poiger, Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University, and the two organizers, Dr. Zippel and Dr. Hamann. Seven scholars, including the organizers, then illustrated different perspectives on trajectories and positioning in academia, incorporating views from such broad disciplines as Sociology, Political Science, and Higher Education research. The workshop covered such themes such as “Careers and Employment in Academic Capitalism;” “Careers of Concepts and Ideas in Social Sciences;” and “Careers, Internationalization, and Inequality in Academia.” To view the full program, please click here.

These discussions were followed by a presentation of the opportunities provided by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. During the enriching and lively discussions, the Humboldtians in attendance enhanced the dialogue by drawing upon their experiences in Germany. Connecting the academic topic of the workshop – academic careers and trajectories – with the networking event resulted in a particularly productive conference. This enabled the Humboldtians and fellow researchers present to reflect on academic perspectives of higher education researchers, and higher education researchers to learn from individual insights of actual practitioners of international career mobility and networking.