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“Climbing Glass Fences: Women in Global Science” and Humboldtians-on-Campus Event
University of Miami, December 11-12, 2014


Humboldtian Dr. Kathrin Zippel of Northeastern University was invited to the University of Miami (UM) to speak about her research on “Climbing Glass Fences: Women in Global Science,” with the support of a grant from the American Friends Alumni Council and the UM “SEEDS for Success” program, which intends to increase the proportion of minorities and women in sciences and engineering.

On December 12, Dr. Zippel presented her research on the gendered benefits of pursuing an internationalized scientific career to an audience of 30 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and administrators. The attendees included recipients of the Hammond Scholarship (a UM program to promote minority students); top ranking female faculty in biology, engineering, computer science, and marine science; numerous female and minority faculty from the social sciences; and representatives from UM’s Office of Academic Enhancement and from the School of Education at nearby Florida International University. After Dr. Zippel’s presentation, Dr. Louise Davidson-Schmich – who helped organize the event – introduced herself as an Humboldtian-on-Campus at UM, together with Dr. David Abraham, depicting the ongoing nature of support she had received from the Humboldt Foundation, its importance for her career, and providing a brief outline of the programs available from the Foundation.

These presentations were followed by an enthusiastic question and answer session. The SEEDS for Success office is planning to make information about the Foundation available on its website. During her visit, Dr. Zippel also met with female faculty members from various disciplines and spoke with Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity, Dr. Douglas Fuller, about the benefits of international research collaborations for faculty development.

Dr. Zippel’s visit included a small networking dinner for Humboldt Foundation alumni on the University of Miami campus, which was held on the evening before “Climbing Glass Fences” talk.  This dinner provided the opportunity for local Humboldtians and their spouses to reminisce about their time in Germany and the many follow up visits all had made since their initial research stays.

To read more about Dr. Kathrin Zippel’s research on women in science, read the interview and feature article posted in UM’s E-Veritas newsletter following the event.